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Great Movie Title Challenge II

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is MissSharon

Winning Poem

This is a slight variation on the previously named challenge. This time I choose your poems title. I will give you a choice of three famous movie titles. Choose one.

That is the title of your poem.

your movie title choices for your title are:

01. A River Runs Through It
02. Terms of Endearment
03. Dead Man Walking

The challenge requires you to name the title of your poem as one of the above exactly as given.

You do not need to use the title in the body of your poem. Just work the theme of your poem to fit the title you have chosen. Good luck one and all. Happy writing. Please read the rules etc and ensure you comment and read all other entries, please vote when the challenge closes to encourage others. There may be more than one winner. The more who vote. The likelihood there will be more than one winner.

Host: ColinMacDonald

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Rose Marie Streeter
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