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Rapid Fire Idioms

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is dave.wynter

Winning Poem

Winner is MissSharon

Winning Poem

The challenge will be " rapid fire". It will accept entries for two days only.

The challenge:

Write a poem with the theme of a common idiom*. Choose one idiom from the list below. List your choice at the bottom of the page. (You must use the idiom in the body of your poem.)
The poem must have 6 lines no more no less.The idiom cannot be the title of your poem.
Any format you choose to use is acceptable.
Please follow the guidelines for posting which are outlined on the posting page. Be sure your poem is not hidden from view, or it will have to be disqualified.

The idioms:

"Best thing since sliced bread"

"Kill two birds with one stone"

"Back to the drawing board."

"Make a long story short."

I look forward to reading your creative poetry.

*An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning.

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