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The Quad Challenge

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The Quad Challenge Four lines of poetry must rhyme all four lines Love is the subject of this challenge must be a love poem. The Last Line has Four words in it Because Love is only spelt with Four letters. Good luck on my new challenge. Your Challenge Leader SuperSlimJim.
Host: SuperSlimJim

Message: New Challenge entry Welcome to my new challenge hope you like this poetry challenge by me.
Poem: The Quad Squad-Entry for new challenge
Poet: SuperSlimJim

Message: Love & blessings...
Poem: Beloved
Poet: cherryk

Message: Comments welcomed.
Poem: Words of Love
Poet: jws

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poem: LOVE
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Pure fiction!
Poem: Once Upon a Starry Night
Poet: Sallee

Message: Great challenge Jim. Here to support you.
Poet: hollydar

Message: I could not possibly resist this challenge Jim!
Poem: Afterglow
Poet: hhazlett26


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