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How do you intend for your poetry to affect others?

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Winner is marvin goldfarb

Winning Poem

Winner is Mariannajo

Winning Poem

Realistic Poetry posted this question on twitter and I had a really hard time answering it so I thought it would make a good poetry challenge...use the question as the first line of your poem and answer it with the rest of your poem. I will post mine although I am not satisfied with leaves me thinking...I guess I never really thought about it before...curious to see how my fellow poets answer this question. Enjoy the challenge. Let me know if it stumps you as much as it stumped me...
Host: pamschwetz

Poem: Intensions
Poet: pamschwetz

Poem: HA HA HA
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: I will use my Best thoughts to reach others through my poetry and my poems.
Poem: By touching them with the hand of God
Poet: SuperSlimJim

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Pantheresque
Poem: Know It Too
Poet: panther811

Poem: To Touch One Heart
Poet: Mariannajo


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