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Linked Groups
What are Linked Groups? Just as the title implies they are writings that are linked together in some way to form a group. They may be centered around almost any theme (real, fantasy or virtual). Would you like a place to find poems about pets? Then you could create a group for a type of pet. Starliters will write a poem or use one from their library to add to your group for all to read. Whatever you choose as your theme, have fun with it. There are no judges. There are no votes. Just good old fashion fun linked together so everyone can watch.
New: The system will add a link to all writings (created since March 2008) which are added to this Group. This link on the material will help readers find their way to this group and therefore help them to find similar writings. By entering your poem, you can benefit from these readers who are interested in poems centered around a similar theme or purpose.

Create a new Linked Group

Childrens Stories
Love forgives every sin
Poems for our troops
Short love Story
Cowboy/Cowgirl story
A Story Within A Chapter
Demented Humor
Que Sera Sera
Pledges of Love
Pledges of Love
A Wee Bit Dark, Not Gross
What Is Now My World
Show Down at The Cafe
The Dueling Poets
A Little Humor
just differnt
teegirl7 poems
teegirl7 poems
For The Love Of Writing
Simple Poems of Faith, Hope and Love
The Friendship Poem
The Road Trip with Tess and Poets
Everyday Heros
Your Mother
Poems with Sequels
Tales from Beyond
Short Stories: Love Stories
Communing With God Through Prayer
Heart 2 Heart
In the Realms of Fantasy
By The Moonlight
Missing Memories
Ideals For Woman To Live By
Memorial Poems
Soul Mates
Remembering (Amici) Mary Wismer
Priestess of Isis
Silent Poet Society
Poems for Health Awareness
Remembering Albert
lifes hard reality
Deep As The River Blue
triscadecaphiliacs delight
One true love
The Metaphoric Muse
A Chuckle a Day
Our Veterans
Raw Emotions
Poems for Kids
Recapped Life Experiences
Everything Free
Appalachian Trail

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