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THIS IS THEME BASED and MUST be a Collaborative work YET written Independently and from OPPOSITE VIEWS. “INCLUDE LINK(S) WITHIN EACH POETS WRITE TO THE OPPOSITE VEIW(S)” The respectful debate of anything your heart desires amongst those involved is paramount. Be it Cats vs. Dogs, Men vs. Women, Tights vs. Kilts, Democrats vs. Republicans, Californicators vs. New Pork City Slickers vs. Wild West Wanna-be's, YOU GET THE PICTURE. Have fun and email if you need help placing links to the opposing side(s) works. Please only post one poem per issue/topic/debate as the readers should follow the embedded links to the other works. Have fun and remember be respectful with your poking you could take an eye out without thinking first! Deleted works will be notified via email and given an explanation. *wink Apes