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Group Creator: April Lynne Logue

SOFA = Substance Over Forms Apparent: Substance is paramount, forms are optional. Read, Write, and Donate the "not so easy" words. From the SOFA we build around words which often require: a Thesaurus, Google or Creativity of Fiction use stretched beyond the norm. Dialects, Fantasy, Dark, etc, matters not! So you may be making up words in an attempt to rhyme one provided as well as writing a story we can follow that we might understand the new additions to linguistics and thereby teaching us through your use with the pen. Could be Sapoogle Frumpitis means "Her backside smells sexy" who knows until we get there! Words will inspire us, yet we know not why we partake in such torture other than to test, entertain and frustrate each other, lol! Be open minded to creativity as we promise this will be tougher than simplistic nouns and adjectives etc., which will demand our ability to build around them. Remember it is all about the substance using the words given and any form goes.