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Group Creator: Soulsisno5

Come write stories that are geared toward children.

Message: i so
Poem: poor little children

Message: children poems put a smile on my face my little granddaughter ask me to make her up story each day she gets so excited children love story books it also learn the children to read a story book
Poem: blazer

Message: i love written poem for children my grand kids love it when i tell them story say nan tell me another one i love there little faces when they smile each day it truly make me happy and brighten up day
Poem: elvin the monkey


Message: i like writing children poem and story i hope the children enjoy them every child like a story book to read or there parent to tell them a story when i were a child my mother told many god bless you
Poem: barney bear

Message: children believe in Santa go to sleep on Christmas eve put a stocking beside their beds Santa climb down the chimney and visit all the little children when are fast asleep for girls boys
Poem: Lets Get Ready For Christmas

Message: when your children build a snowman their faces are full of glee playing in the garden is so wonderful to see throwing snow balls in the air and you hear the sound of laughter so merrily snowballs
Poem: snowman

Message: i wrote this story when children go to school other children make make fun of them does it really matter what clothes you wear every child is different some children like to bully other little kids