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The Starlite Cafe debuted on the web in the fall of 1995, as a place for poets and lovers of poetry to come together and share their gifts of words and creativity. Since that time we have evolved to over 38,000 poets from around the globe, with a collection of more than 430,000 poems and short stories hosted here.


The web site is growing at an approximate 10% per month rate.
On a daily basis, a minimum of 150,000 subscriber selected emails are sent out from the discussion forums, with an additional 500 sent for poem submissions, which generate additional 3500-5500 emailed comments.
The Starlite Cafe attracts 75% females and 25% males.
Approximately 56% of the web site visitors are under the age of 24.
There are approximately 1500-3000 unique visitors per month.
The visitors are 82% from the USA..
The average time spent on the web site is 60 minutes, with 44% visiting daily.
The average number of page views per visit is 30.


First and foremost the Starlite is unique in it's sense of community spirit and compassion which exceed the boundaries of cyber space and stretch out into the real world. Poets both newcomers and old-timers often refer to the cafe as a place of healing.

The special features offered on this poetry site are found no where else collectively on the Internet today. Poets are able to upload their own graphics, add music, special effects and a wide variety of colors all to enhance their writing. Each poet has their own library of poems containing all of their current and archived works to share with friends and maintain an electronic record.

These are just a few of the reasons that once a poet finds their way into the cafe, they soon take up a lifetime residence.


Female: 75%
Male: 25%

Age Ratios:

75+ 1%
65-74 1%
45-54 12%
35-44 13%
18-24 25%
Under 18 31%

Countries represented by visitors:

USA 83%
Canada 7%
United Kingdom 4%
Australia 3%
New Zealand .50%
Netherlands .50%
Germany .36%
South Africa .2%
India .17%
Malaysia .13%
Finland .13%
Ireland .13%
Jordan .12%
Philippines .11%
All others 1.18%


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Updated: AUG 2002

Rates reported are net.
Run Of Site (ROS) Banner:
Introductory Rate: $.50 CPM (First month only 100,000 Impressions for $50.00!)

50,000 to 500,000 Guaranteed Impressions per Month $1.50 CPM
600,001 to 999,000 Guaranteed Impressions per Month $1.25 CPM
Over 1,000,000 Guaranteed Impressions per Month $ .75 CPM


Discussion Board Email:
Daily automated E-mailing distribution to over 10,000 subscribers.
4 lines of text max. Approx 100,000 runs a day.
Send-a-poem mailings Approx 10,000 per day Additional mailing approx 1,000 per day $800.00 per week.
$1,600.00 per month

Ad: 7 days prior to run date;
Rich Media Ads: 15 days prior to run date;

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