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Have a beautiful day my sweet friends and know how beautiful you are and so loved and cherished each day. Blessings hugs and much love. Love you. Rose

I LOVE this Poem: GLORIOUS BLISS by Listener

Who is Starlight1?
Happily married to my childhood sweetheart/soulmate. Have 2 adorable children. Been a starlite member for 20 years now. My poetry has been published in the starlite book and a few other places. Love all my dear starlite friends/old and new. Have a beautiful day. Smile and pass it along.

Please take a look at my friend's poetry also
A Friend Poet who is also posting poetry on Starlite Poetry
A Friend Poet who is also posting poetry on Starlite Poetry
A Friend Poet who is also posting poetry on Starlite Poetry
A Friend Poet who is also posting poetry on Starlite Poetry

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Bookcase for Starlight1

 Challenge Winning Poems by Starlight1

Gift of love -- see Challenge Page
Funny monkey -- see Challenge Page
A red rose of love -- see Challenge Page
Friendship cake -- see Challenge Page
Skyward -- see Challenge Page
... see all 340 challenge wins

 Last 10 poems published by Starlight1

Everyone loves sunflowers
The gentleness of spring
Pass a smile along
Welcome to my morning
Memorial day prayer today
Hop in
Sunshine giggles

Title Status Audience
Disney songs active friendsonly

Rings of Bookshelves

DescriptionCountRing Owner Audience

Challenges from Friends

Title ModStatus Audience
Peppermint Patty And Skating! starlass active allstarlite
A Mother's Love Dream Girl active friendsonly
I Don't Like to Think Before I Speak pamschwetz active allstarlite
One gospel. poetalthomas active allstarlite
Is God of the old covenant the same God of the new covenant? What is the difference? Is He the same poetalthomas active allstarlite
Lune or Looney cherryk active friendsonly
5 in 10 with Cherry cherryk active friendsonly
"Out-Side the Box Challenge" #81....1-10 Countdown Challenge Poison_9901 active allstarlite
Fun with a phrase misskendy active allstarlite

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 Poems by Starlight1 which have been bookmarked

Title Count
His soft gentle love 9
Grandmas star 8
Music of the heart 8
Grandmas stories 7
Love uplifts the heart 7
Pages of time 7
A thankful heart 7
Moonlight waltz 7
Kindness 7
Waterfall 7
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 Poems Bookmarked by Starlight1

DEAR ROSE by Poetalthomas
For Our Starlite Rose by Cherryk
To Cheer My Starlite Sis (Rose) by Libra
A Prayer For Sis-Rose(starlite1-/family. by Just_little_me
still here by Lydia
Home by Lydia
My Birthday Bash Was A Smash by Mariannajo
The Bench in the Woods by Amazingkate
Gratitude by Amazingkate
For My Friend by Cherrykc
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Starlite News
brown_linda posted a new poem Just Another Day At The Office
kelly posted a new poem Loves Me Not
adreamer2 posted a new poem Forbidden Wishs
jamieclaire has entered a poem irony: that which is amusingly contrary into a challenge
jamieclaire posted a new poem irony: that which is amusingly contrary
gentlewind has entered a poem Stuck in Confusion into a challenge Anything Goes Challenge with denny107 (Clara) read page for rules and info
gentlewind has entered a poem into a challenge
gentlewind posted a new poem Stuck in Confusion
misskendy has entered a poem Kiss the girl into a challenge Disney songs
misskendy posted a new poem Kiss the girl
brown_linda is now friends with girlsisy
misskendy posted a new poem Sunday
misskendy has created challenge Fun with a phrase
abbasewe is promoting a poem on his/her homepage Memorial Day Reflections
Sallee has entered a poem Sticks and Stones into a challenge
Sallee posted a new poem Sticks and Stones
panther811 has entered a poem Different Page into a challenge Anything Goes Challenge with denny107 (Clara) read page for rules and info
panther811 posted a new poem Different Page
poetalthomas has entered a poem ONE WAY into a challenge
poetalthomas posted a new poem ONE WAY
cherrykc has entered a poem Irridescence into a challenge
SuperSlimJim posted a new poem Music on the Mound
Lanae has entered a poem Too Old To Go Back Home into a challenge The Quickie Challenge-read page for RULES AND NEW INFORMATION
Lanae posted a new poem Too Old To Go Back Home
RaymondCook posted a new poem Hi Mother Muse!
RaymondCook posted a new poem As I Looked Down From The Ridge!
seelie is promoting a poem on his/her homepage Black...
morning_song has entered a poem No Poem into a challenge All Stars Challenge with TinyTeddy (Bonnie) -read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE
morning_song posted a new poem No Poem
cherrykc posted a new poem Irridescence
Poison_9901 posted a new poem Black...
alwaysmywords has entered a poem Outlying into a challenge
deeny107 has entered a poem Lord lead me where you want me into a challenge
alwaysmywords has entered a poem into a challenge
alwaysmywords posted a new poem Outlying
deeny107 posted a new poem Lord lead me where you want me
Poison_9901 has created challenge
Poison_9901 has created challenge
randyjohnson posted a new poem God Is Benevolent
cherrykc is promoting a poem on his/her homepage Furrows of Charm
poetalthomas posted a new poem THE THIEF COMETH
marvin_goldfarb has entered a poem Completing into a challenge Welcome to the TAKE FIVE challenge. READ RULES CAREFULLY AND ALSO NEW INFO AND REQUIRED WORDS
marvin_goldfarb posted a new poem Completing
TagTina456 posted a new poem A Vessel Of God`s Love
abbasewe posted a new poem Eyes On The Prize

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