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 The Animal World Misc 5/16/2011
 The Waterfall Nature 5/16/2011
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 Eclipse Nature 8/12/2003
 Hell-Cursed Current Events 8/7/2003
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 GEMS Dedications 1/13/2003
 The Fellowship Dedications 1/12/2003
 Waterfalls Nature 1/12/2003

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The Animal World

The animal world is full of wonder,
Colour and beauty, all around the wide jungle.
The tall giraffe and its high stretching neck,
Looking gorgeous as it is never fat.

The fierce wild lion and the ever-active tiger,
No other animals can beat their fire.
And the tame humble deer with its long amazing horns
In the jungle, how it wishes it was never born.

The huge grey elephant with its tough winding trunk
It looks just like a big mighty gun.

And do not forget about the tiny creatures,
The rabbit, the squirrel, the mischievous monkey
And the birds in the nest
Always moving around as if they never rest.

Note: I wrote this poem for my father when I was 6 years old

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