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 heaven Grieving and Loss 1/10/2005
 merry xmas!! Holiday Poems 12/25/2004
 die bitch Misc 12/24/2004
 over and over again Misc 12/24/2004
 devil in disguise Misc 12/24/2004
 just say no Misc 12/24/2004
 my best friend!! Friends 12/24/2004

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the clouds are wonderous
shes lost
where could she be?
someone is waiting to greet her
shes scared
she screams... yet nobody hears her
where is she?
everything and everyone is so beautiful
and someone whispers
'shes here'
'its her'
'shes the one'
she looks around
yet all eyes are on her
they are astonished by her beauty
as she is greeted she wants to go home
in time we will all help to cope
the most beautiful angel ive ever seen

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