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 A Secret Dedications 7/22/2005
 Recklessly Devoted Friends 7/18/2005
 Silence So Loud Insight 7/15/2005
 LEAVE ME ALONE Love Gone Bad 6/30/2005
 The Caretaker Dark Poetry 6/23/2005
 My Beautiful Sight Love 6/13/2005
 Until the End of Time I Love You 6/12/2005
 Brotherly Love Dedications 5/6/2005
 Where you go and Why Current Events 4/14/2005
 You and I Spiritual Poems 4/13/2005
 So Blind Life 4/13/2005
 Silent Slumber I Love You 4/9/2005
 The Sting of Battle Life 4/8/2005
 The Tiny Fairy Fantasy Poems 4/7/2005
 My college brother Dedications 4/6/2005
 My English Class Silly Poems 4/2/2005
 Brother Misc 4/2/2005
 Still Waiting Current Events 4/2/2005
 Too Late Dedications 4/1/2005
 Unending Will The Pain of Love 3/30/2005
 Good Riddance Insight 3/30/2005
 I use to know Misc 3/29/2005
 Voices in my Head Dark Poetry 3/27/2005

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A Secret

A secret is a protection
a barrier of love.
A secret is a passion
we dare not speak of.
A secret is a lie
a cape for one's self.
A secret is the silence
which we cry out in help.
A secret is a trust
a promise in a ring.
A secret is a bee
with loneliness it stings.
A secret is gold
a pirate must find.
A secret is the past
that we buired in our life.
A secret is the friendship
intwined in its own law.
A secret is the path
the others never saw.

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