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New Moon- Will You Stay (tonight)

Am I a dreamer
I hear you voice...
I feel you near me, holding on
But when I wake up
All I hear is noise
I see the world continue moving on

I didn't hear you leave
why am I still here
left me no time to grieve
before you disappeared

So instead I pretend you're here right now
living life without you I don’t know how
Why did you leave me this way
When you promised me you'd always stay
Stay with me

Do you not love me
I guess I don’t know
I trusted you to never, never leave.
You'd never hurt me
But the pain it grows
I still smell you in the air I breathe

I swear I hear you speak
Somewhere far from here
It makes me feel so weak
Tell me how do I get there


I'll keep living on the edge
just so I can hear you
forget that I am dead
when I am near you

So, Don't tell me I'll be fine
(It's like) You are the drug I can't deny
I need to know you're here
I surrender to you my fears
I don't regret the things I do
because they led me to you

So instead I pretend you're here right now
Carry on without you I wouldn't know how
Why did you leave me this way
When you promised me you'd always stay
Stay with me


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