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At The Brink of World War

The world we know, at the brink of war
nations compelled, to even the score
history repeats itself, we cannot ignore
evil nations threaten us, at our very door

Syria, Egypt, Russia and America, people rise to rebel
world populations have had enough, living life in hell
governments attempt to quash, but numbers increase
the reality sets in, they can no longer keep the peace

What is going on around us, the birth pangs of Mashiach begin
judgement for the world approaches, a time to expunge all sin
nations will be judged, hearts examined, with truth rendered
evil no longer to be tolerated, the wicked will have surrendered

The final war soon to arrive, the world no longer out of control
war lasting for a few seconds, the world to be given a new soul
the lion will lay with the lamb, and tears will be shed no more
G-d will destroy all evil, the world will be purified from its core

The danger approaches, we look for spiritual merits for protection from harm
worthy of continued existence, pursuing kindness is with what we must rearm
we have only to prepare ourselves, for our day of judgement, as it draws near
let us change our heart of stone to a heart of flesh, learning how to really care

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