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 savor every moment Love 4/29/2004
 my last words Love Gone Bad 4/20/2004
 remember this The Pain of Love 4/17/2004
 how i see it Love Gone Bad 4/17/2004
 all or nothing Love Gone Bad 4/17/2004
 swallow Dark Poetry 3/27/2004
 your crown Dark Poetry 3/27/2004
 bleeding time! Dark Poetry 3/26/2004
 shut up Dark Poetry 3/26/2004
 this need Dark Poetry 3/22/2004
 soon Love 3/22/2004
 one touch from you I Love You 3/22/2004
 the power of prayer Spiritual Poems 3/22/2004
 im fine Dark Poetry 3/7/2004
 my turn Life 2/25/2004
 when im alone.... Dark Poetry 2/20/2004
 weak Dark Poetry 2/20/2004
 whatever Dark Poetry 2/20/2004
 in the past? Love Gone Bad 2/19/2004
 when I Love You 2/11/2004
 yet another dark place Dark Poetry 2/6/2004
 day dreaming Love 2/3/2004
 little Debbie Humorous Poems 1/31/2004
 dont mess with me Dark Poetry 1/31/2004
 time is cruel Dark Poetry 1/31/2004
 fate Dark Poetry 1/31/2004
 your power Love 1/12/2004
 how? Dark Poetry 1/12/2004
 ill always be sorry Love Gone Bad 1/8/2004
 these days I Love You 1/8/2004
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savor every moment

My days now filled with memories
Of your gentle eyes and loving gaze
Iím dying to hold you once again
As I return to counting the days

And again Iím left in longing
Craving your embrace
It tears me up to let you go
Never will I forget your face

I dream of the day we never part
In my mind its always there
To you I give forever my heart
So much love we have yet to share

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