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 Sanguine sun and rainbow shade. Misc 7/7/2019
 A Prayer for Eden. Misc 7/7/2019
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Upon the perfume of the day.

We sometimes meet below a dawn, where hopes are slowly being born
Into a world of in between, that only dream walkers have seen,
And only silence greets my dream, the rising sun has yet to gleam
Over the rim where sky meets sea, where breezes bring you back to me
Upon the perfume of the day, you smile then slowly drift away
Yet in immortal reverence, remembrance is no recompense
It only makes me miss you more, as you wait on that far off shore
And look out on a timeless sea, that lets you somehow speak to me.

As dream waves crash and worlds collide, as even sunshine tries to hide
Behind the shadows down our lane, where we would smile and talk again
Of special days in long gone plays, of all those unforgotten days
When we were still a work of art, me with my words, you with your heart
That made the sun peep from its shade, to paint the masterpiece we made
Within our wondrous carefree times of silken smiles and lustrous rhymes,
Before we parted in the rain, so sure that we’d be back again
So certain of the years we cared, for time set free the love we shared.

Down our secret country lane, we strolled when life held too much pain
Two souls as one wrapped ribbon green, a sunlit silhouetted scene
Two shadows reaching down the lane, their whispers drifting back again
Upon their timeless lullaby’s, reflected yet with no goodbyes,
Eyes held love, and murmurs touched, essences of the love we clutched
Felt like a sweet Wedding bouquet, another time another day,
Yet through life’s twist and turn surprise, a love shared vow never dies
One day we’ll walk upon the air, and celebrate the joy we share.

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