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 Born again painted awakenings. Misc 2/18/2019
 Faith. Misc 2/18/2019
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 Before the moon cried. Misc 2/13/2019
 Blossoms on the breeze. Misc 2/13/2019
 Whispered dreams. Misc 2/12/2019
 Within the whisper. Misc 2/12/2019
 Wonderland. Misc 2/12/2019
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 Behind life's sky. Misc 2/10/2019
 Wisdom tied in ignorance. Misc 2/10/2019
 Are my dreams still alive. Misc 2/10/2019
 A sacred germination. Misc 2/9/2019
 A silence on the night. Misc 2/9/2019
 Mistral. Misc 2/9/2019
 A Valentine d,amour. Misc 2/8/2019
 Antique Angels. Misc 2/6/2019
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 Life and rhyme, a song sublime. Misc 2/6/2019
 Changeable life's times and rhymes. Misc 2/5/2019
 The poet's curse. Misc 2/1/2019
 So liquid the echoes. Misc 2/1/2019
 My love poem. Misc 2/1/2019
 Humanity's play. Misc 2/1/2019
 Between life and rhymes. Misc 2/1/2019
 Yawning shadows stretch again. Misc 2/1/2019
 Word filled echoes from so long ago. Misc 1/31/2019
 Church window smile. Misc 1/16/2019
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Born again painted awakenings.

As the sun arced across the morning sky,
Clouds parted like the Red sea,
And the heavens were a marvellous mosaic
Of falling diamonds tracing a myriad
Of rainbow scattered
Technicolor rain,
And all around, existence
Drew in breath
At the treasures of creation.

While crouching oh so far below on a hilltop,
His eyes shone like reflections of forever,
And his soul felt as a flower about to bloom
Quietly yet beautifully from being
A single thought
Into a poppy field memory
That had waited so long
To be a born again
Blossom of shimmering beauty.

And even further down on the beach of dawn
The shimmering sun drew pictures
On sparkling diamond speckled sands,
Magical images and ever changing words
Of painted awakenings
Looked up to the morning sky
As it warmed by the fire,
And all around, existence
Softly breathed out
In a gentle relaxation of life…

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