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 The Eye of the Storm Love 6/21/2006
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 Embers Love Triangle 6/21/2006
 I'll Die ..........It's ok Love 6/19/2006
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It was said that the grass is always greener
directed by lust and now and without her
you're feeling amiss, like you should not have left
wanting to return, but what happened to self
that person who you just had to please
that person who left me with ease
now returning on bended knees
b*^#*! please.........................
Lay in the bed that you made
Nothing I did,..........made you want to stay
Finances just was not right
but how can they be living two lives?
With me in the day
and her at night.
All just to get laid
What about herpes, HIV, AIDS?
To mess up your life is one thing
but how do you have the authority
over someone else's
disregarding how they felt......................
Now she's gone and you want to come home
just should've left well enough alone
be the grass green and full of life
or brown struggling to grow
the effort is always worth the cost
instead now you have to suffer the loss
because of a fall
now you have no grass at all...............................................

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