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 Another Day Misc 9/8/2005
 Today Misc 12/20/2004
 Control Misc 12/20/2004
 Kiss Beneath the Starry Sky Love 11/5/2004
 Addicted The Pain of Love 6/27/2004
 My Prayer unheard Dark Poetry 2/15/2004
 The World Beneath the Puddle of My Blood Dark Poetry 2/15/2004
 I Love You I Love You 12/23/2003
 Anger Life 12/23/2003
 Dreaming away Current Events 12/23/2003
 Wishing things were different Misc 12/23/2003
 Just sitting here The Pain of Love 12/22/2003
 All I want... Misc 6/30/2003
 The light to hapiness Life 6/30/2003
 Anger The Pain of Love 6/30/2003
 Your Eyes Misc 6/30/2003
 Why.... Love Gone Bad 6/30/2003
 Bottle of tears The Pain of Love 6/29/2003
 Life Gone Life 6/29/2003
 Best Friend Friends 6/29/2003
 Weeping Willow Spiritual Poems 6/29/2003
 What do I do (not really a peom) The Pain of Love 1/21/2003

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Another Day

And once again...
Another day.
Another one filled with hatred and pain.
The tears I once cried for myself,
are now streaming down my face,
my scarred soul...
Not for myself,
but for the world, that is slowly but surely,
sinking into the depths of hell.

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