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 dEviL vs. hUmAn Dark Poetry 1/31/2004
 The Co$t of War Song Lyrics 1/16/2004
 aPprECiaTiOn Dedications 12/28/2003
 wyrobek, alli Friends 12/27/2003
 rise within nina Misc 12/26/2003
 our life Misc 12/24/2003
 Daddies Call for 9-1-1 Life 12/14/2003
 Intensive Care Short Stories 12/12/2003
 Infatuated Love Gone Bad 12/12/2003
 To Love Is To Hate Dark Poetry 12/12/2003
 Me Dark Poetry 12/12/2003
 SJS-Who-ever She Is Dedications 12/7/2003
 Jordan Dedications 12/7/2003
 Friendly Pain Dark Poetry 12/7/2003
 P.S. After While Crockadile Grieving and Loss 12/7/2003
 Straight Jacket Dark Poetry 11/21/2003
 Psycodic Thoughts Misc 11/16/2003
 Miss You Dedications 11/1/2003
 Nightmare Dark Poetry 10/21/2003
 Daddy Grieving and Loss 10/15/2003
 Five Stories of Scuicide Dark Poetry 10/15/2003
 Flame Dedications 10/11/2003
 Smile Dark Poetry 10/10/2003
 When Will My Ugly Turn To Beautiful Misc 10/9/2003
 Not True Dark Poetry 10/3/2003
 Not Me Misc 10/2/2003
 Burried Pain Misc 10/2/2003
 Luke Misc 9/29/2003
 Alex Misc 9/29/2003
 Savanah Misc 9/29/2003
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dEviL vs. hUmAn

she hears you complain,
she'll watch you suffer...and laughs to herself

we want to fight till death, we want the other to burn in hell.

she craves our pain,
she kills us day by day.

she does not believe hell is what it seems.
she finds it gLoriOUs and pEaceFuL...

wrapping my wrists in blood-soaked cloths while biting my lip...i can taste the blood i can feel the hurt...i am alive

laughing at the glory...soon to be my fate coz i killed my she-devil...
I still do know, that hell seeps the everyones actions and words. when will we all just be free from hells king and queen?

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