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 'Jesus Will Always Make A Way' Spiritual Poems 1/31/2011
 'Jesus Closest To Me' Misc 10/29/2010
 'A Prayer For Everyday' Spiritual Poems 10/29/2010
 'I Serve An Awesome GOD' Inspirational Poems 10/27/2010

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'Jesus Will Always Make A Way'

'Jesus Will Always Make A Way' Jesus will always make a way Where there seems to be no way Just stay focused on God.Jesus works in mysterious ways that we may not see nor understand.God is in control for you He has your life specially planned.Jesus will always show you the way.So do listen to every word Jesus has to say.God will always make a way Jesus is your guide to keep you on the right path Hold on closely to Jesus stay by His side in you He does abide Giving and showing all His powerful love,He gives you all the strength you will need,and courage to make it through each new dawning day..Faithfully Jesus leads you every step of the way each and every day.When you stray away and feel that you are alone remember that God promise's to not ever to leave you or forsake you,He knows everything you will do Jesus will always make a way.Jesus will lead you back to Him.You will see at the end of every road you travel God's light will be shining brightly to smoothe out the rough area's,clearing the storm you had to endure knowing He is there with you for sure.Jesus will always make a way and all other will eventually fade away but you can rely on His words which will always remain the same.Jesus will always make a way beside Him you should stand,following His every command. January 31, 2011 By: Donna Dusenberry

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