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 Breaking from The Chains Misc 2/28/2008
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 Illusions of a Lover Love 2/24/2008
 A Piece of My Mind Misc 2/23/2008
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 The Light Spiritual Poems 2/23/2008
 Drowing in a Glass of Water Life 2/23/2008
 Prisoner of Me Inspirational Poems 2/23/2008
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 Winter of the Heart Inspirational Poems 2/20/2008
 Voyage to Eternity Spiritual Poems 2/20/2008
 Encounters with My Heart Love Gone Bad 2/20/2008
 The Choosen One Short Stories 2/20/2008
 Deception Life 2/19/2008
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 Latinos Life 2/19/2008
 Poet Life 2/19/2008
 Old Tree Nature 2/19/2008
 The Beginning Inspirational Poems 2/19/2008
 New World Inspirational Poems 2/18/2008
 Sentencing of The Souls Spiritual Poems 2/18/2008
 A Letter to My Father Spiritual Poems 2/18/2008
 La Verdad de Mi Vida Misc 2/18/2008
 The Truth of My Life Misc 2/18/2008
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Breaking from The Chains

Is midnight...

I can't sleep...

A sea of tears are coming down my face,

I felt deeply disturb as my mind

strolled back to my past, at a distance

my father shadow is in from of me,

Suddenly, I felt to the floor in disbelief

I want him to walk a mile in shoes

an understand our precious moments are long gone ?

I know God has perfectly design plan for all of us,

but I ask myself..

Is suffering part of his plan?

On a Bright horizon his heart gave away all the pain

and frustration his soul endure,

his memory still hunt me, I want to tell him,

If you can see me, where ever you are,

look at me now,

You curse me on that faithful day

where shadows from the dark approach my soul,

I didn't ask to be here.

Time has past...

I believe God has a

rightus purpose for me on this earth,

so I forgive you...

without hesitation

May God have mercy on your soul...

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