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 In Vainful Pursuit Spiritual Poems 9/19/2017
 A Dilemma Insight 9/13/2017
 The Tree of Life Life 9/9/2017
 The Sea Insight 9/3/2017
 The Devil's Advocates Current Events 8/29/2017
 All-encompassing Love Love 8/10/2017
 A Normal Living Life 8/8/2017
 Misstep Life 8/7/2017
 Somber sighs Love 8/5/2017
 A Majestic Conflagration Inspirational Poems 8/2/2017
 Eye on the Sky Insight 8/2/2017
 Ingredients of Life Insight 7/31/2017
 True Measure of a Man Insight 7/31/2017
 Someone to hug Life 7/23/2017
 A Psalm for the Soul Inspirational Poems 7/21/2017
 Oubliette* Dark Poetry 7/18/2017
 The Odd One Out Life 7/18/2017
 Inspiration--My Elusive Muse Inspirational Poems 7/15/2017
 REDEEMER Spiritual Poems 7/15/2017
 Time-tested Insight 7/14/2017
 Live Life Happy Life 7/10/2017
 Show me the Money Humorous Poems 7/8/2017
 As Above, So Below Spiritual Poems 7/7/2017
 Immortal in death Spiritual Poems 7/6/2017
 My Elusive Muse Inspirational Poems 7/5/2017
 Where Love is Love Love 7/5/2017
 Gone into recluse Nature 7/5/2017
 Paradise Now Spiritual Poems 7/4/2017
 The Everlasting Insight 6/27/2017
 Ha, this is Bliss! Nature 6/27/2017
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In Vainful Pursuit

Nursing self-delusion
Nurturing perfection
Chasing ideals
Patronizing risks
Tempting fate
Weaving dreams--
Oh, am I
dwelling in
the realm of insanity
trying to find
an anchor for my soul?

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