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 Fire and Smoke Insight 9/14/2019
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 Why didn't I Insight 9/12/2019
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 The Missed Moments I Love You 8/8/2019
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 Awaken dream Inspirational Poems 8/1/2019
 The Eternal Quest Insight 8/1/2019
 Old Age Insight 7/31/2019
 Venus Love 7/25/2019
 The Quirk of Nature Insight 7/25/2019
 Scissors Sharp Humorous Poems 7/22/2019
 You Bet Misc 7/20/2019
 Spring Day Nature 7/9/2019
 In God I Trust Insight 7/7/2019
 Life comes in small packages Inspirational Poems 7/4/2019
 Heart to Heart Insight 7/2/2019
 Garden of Eden Inspirational Poems 7/1/2019
 A Sleepover Insight 7/1/2019
 Seeking my Sanctuary Life 6/29/2019
 Spring at last Nature 6/29/2019
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Fire and Smoke

Fate is vicious
Time, Cruel
Who wins this mighty duel?
Faith stands neutral;
Caught up in this dilemma,
Life remains an innocent victim
paralyzed by all the wisdom!

~The Brain Tease Challenge
~Unscramble word: 'Rlentua' - Neutral

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