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Hurting More

hurt inside

I know you love me I know i cant take things back
We should have never gone out We ruined a good freindship But time is passing things are healing
You'll be all rite We'll be friends again But then again Your still crying over me I hear your voice in the nite
LIke a harsh winter storm So now what can I do I need to make it rite But I know I cant love you back
Not that way Im sorry

no matter how much i say i hate him i love him that much more

just once i want to fall in love and not have it hurt so bad in the end.

**If ducktape fixes everything then why doesnt it fix broken hearts?**

--hurts so bad--

we started out as friends but then we became best friends..
don't get me wrong, it's great we're best friends but it hurts so bad when one falls for the other,
but the other isn't there to catch you. he made me cry a few times,
and i don't want to ever cry over a boy, but to be so close to him,
is the greatest, to find out everything that ever happened meant everything to you,
but nothing to him hurts so bad. to find out he has his eye on another girl hurts so bad.

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