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 Inside The Autistic Mind Behind the Mask Challenge 6/18/2009
 Invested Life 11/3/2008
 Sleep Inspirational Poems 10/28/2007
 Shining Insight 6/29/2007
 The King Insight 8/23/2006
 Bless the Meek Inspirational Poems 7/13/2006
 Choice Again Insight 5/8/2006
 MIND BOX Dark Poetry 3/21/2006
 Unexpected Changes Love 3/21/2006
 Just The Same Dedications 3/15/2006
 SHADES OF GRAY Insight 3/15/2006
 TRUE SOLDIER Dedications 3/15/2006
 REST Insight 3/15/2006
 REMAINING SANE Insight 3/15/2006
 WHAT IS LEFT Love Gone Bad 3/14/2006
 SNOW FALL Dedications 3/14/2006
 OPEN TO LOVE Love 3/14/2006
 GLORY Inspirational Poems 3/14/2006
 COMFORT Sonnet 3/14/2006
 PASSION Love 3/13/2006
 DISPARITY Life 3/13/2006
 Quiet Cries Life 3/12/2006
 Sorrow Dark Poetry 3/12/2006
 Being Me Insight 3/12/2006
 AUTUMN Nature 3/12/2006
 Choice Inspirational Poems 3/12/2006

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Inside The Autistic Mind

mimic me, mimic me,
step forward and fall
pass the ball
does it ever wear you out
do you ever have to know
who you really are?
to filter every sound
every sight, every touch, every smell
does it wear you out
who do you come to
when the lights are out
and the stars are high in the sky
when the crickets sing,
frantically running like an insane gerbil
can it ever stop
do you dream
is there a place where quiet keeps
is there a resting sleep

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