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 Scattered Dark Poetry 3/29/2005
 As it Falls Love 6/9/2004
 For You Love 4/15/2004
 Perfection Love 4/14/2004
 Everything Quotes 4/8/2004
 Love is True Misc 3/21/2004
  the best feeling a person can feel Quotes 3/21/2004
 A revelation Unrequited Love 3/17/2004
 It Runs Deep Love 2/16/2004
 Moth Vixen The Pain of Love 11/21/2003
 Angel of Music Love 10/13/2003

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what bedevilment lie beneath?
each pulsation metered precisely
Pounding slaughterously against the cage that contains it.
The sustainment of life is ruptured with each pump
Tears give way as all control is lost
shrieking calls ring out
Flesh is lacerated as a body collides with cold pavement

Out and away from the cage
Awkward smiles and swelling dark pools of salty discharge
Sluggish steps whilst hope expires
Alone and dead inside out.
Simple words shattered spirits.

A burning heart dies tonight.

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