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 My Analyst made me do it Life 1/9/2008
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 I am naked Dark Poetry 9/17/2004
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 The Queen Misc 8/17/2004
 The Bee and the Bear Childrens Poetry 8/13/2004
 The Ogre (for children) Short Stories 8/12/2004
 Young and Middle Class Life 8/9/2004
 Censorship Holiday Poems 8/6/2004
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My Analyst made me do it

There is glass to be trodden in
so why rock the boat?
Your face won't survive
the crocs in the moat.
I live in your shadow
Like a hamster in a ball
and it's all of a shudder
when your back's to the wall.

Don't mark out you territory
like some kind of dog
That carpet was new
now it's as brown as a bog
Get of my head, now
get out of it, quit
or I'll shake my dandelion
into an open coal pit.

I want to be rid of you
cut free, like a boat
On the rising tide, rising
above the crocs in the moat
And I want to dance madly
like a cat on a stick
come to cut off your head
so the children can eat.

Author's note:
This is the result of four years' intensive study at the Baden-Baden centre for lunatic poetry. It expresses all the things that you can do while locked up in their bright orange, conical cells. City breaks start from as little as £700 for the weekend, cheaper if you bring your own goat. see for details.

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