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When My Town's Music World Fell Silent

It was was a quiet day that day,
That day when my town's music community fell silent,
We all sat in wondering how it had happened,
Dearest Brother, I think, when will you speak?

A white blanketed morning it had begun,
Sun shining, birds chirping, we had all slept in,
When the dreadfully stunning news had come,
I felt as if my buzzing thoughts had won my tongue,
My brother became part of the wall behind him,
like if you touched him he would brake into a million pieces,
I would feel it all for months days and days,
The gasp in my throat, the nasau in my stomach,
waiting, for what comes next; we had no idea, we were so hopeful,

My thoughts took over me,
I watched my brother turn into someone different,
and we all just waited,
like trudging through some type of deep mud that keeps going,
you wait for the end, hoping it's good,
I knew it haunted my brother,
Haunted my mother,
What can you do?
YOUR A KID! Everything shouts at you from all over,
Yet we were still so hopeful still,

'I have to tell you guys something,'
'It's over...,' My brothers color drains,
The gasp returns, the nasau returns ever so strong,
We all become part of the wall this time,
And together lose a part of us,
So hopeful,
Anger, crosses my mind but what is it for?
Forgiveness, is next to cross, and then im running to my room waiting to let go,
I feel terrified for him, of what's going to happen, to my brother and what he will do,
Left alone to think and cry,

And I think back through all the history,
think back through my faith,
know it's going to be alright,
it HAS to be, it He wanted this,
So I think back to that day,
For it was a quiet day,
That day when our town's music community fell silent,

This is dedicated to the one of the band teachers at my he didn't die...but i didnt put any details in just how it made me feel since it was eating me alive...what actually happened isnt important.

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