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For Your Birthday

Happy Birthday My Dearest Of Dearest Friends

December 4, 2018

Little did we know those many years ago that within this small café,
two hearts would find their way to each other, forming a bond
that few are able to share so completely as we.

So many years have passed us by that neither of us remembers the true when,
but I think we both know the true why. It was just simply meant to be.

The keeper of the stars looked down upon us, blessing each with a friendship
that he knew was needed then, and would be needed in the years to come.

We have cried tears of joy and sorrow. Over the years we have shared the
lives of our children, watched as our grandchildren have grown before
our eyes, and shared our hopes and dreams for them and for ourselves.
We have given to each other comfort in our pain and encouragement
for what remains to be seen in our tomorrows.

On this your birthday, I find so many memories of who are we, that has
weathered the test of time and still remains strong and everlasting.

Albert wanted to bring poets together worldwide and he realized his dream
through ourselves and so many friends here. I will always be eternally grateful
to him for bringing to us our beginning, for without you in my life, what has
become my present, would be next to impossible for me to face on my own.

After several years of sharing our hearts thru poetry, emails, and daily phone calls,
the time finally came when we were blessed to meet within a long awaited hope
and dream come true. In a few short hours you would be walking into our home.

Hersh laughed at me that morning because I wanted to have everything
just so for your arrival. We were only ten minutes from the airport but I wanted
to leave hours before your plane arrived, to convince myself that this was
really going to happen, and soon we would share our first hug in person.

Upon my arrival to the airport, I made my way to your gate, watching the arrivals
and listening for the announcement your plane had landed. Your plane began unloading
and now all that stood between us was seeing you and receiving that wonderful hug.

There you were walking towards me. You spotted me at almost the same time and
began to run through all the people around you. I was up and on my feet, I past
the security officer that was calling to me ''Miss you are not allowed to enter here
Miss . . .''

Too late! There we stood in each others embrace, hugging and crying as people
hurried around us to get to their final destination. The agent by that time decided
that we were not terrorists and let us continue our greeting in place.

Our lives are ongoing and like a page upon a coloring screen, there are still so
many spaces remaining to be filled. Some already filled with memories, yet
so many uncolored spaces remains to wait to see what lies ahead.

This was my thought when the two pictures below became a reality for you,
as each space was filled one by one. Oh by the way, each space was filled
when I saved these but for some reason some of the colors did not transfer
to here. The picture size could not be adjusted to smaller no matter what I tried.

Should I have been surprised? LOL

From my hand and heart, to yours.
Have a wonderful birthday Donna.

All my love,
'just me'

*It was no accident me finding you.
Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew . . .

I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars
He sure knew what he was doing
When he joined these two hearts.*

Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew.

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Keeper Of The Stars

*Song Lyrics

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