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 Pieces Love Gone Bad 10/11/2012
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Things I Left Undone

My friends say you won't come back,
since, leaving long ago,
but Christmas is our favorite time,
so, I know you will show.

I've put together some great ideas
to make our holiday fun.
Even though, I did quite a lot,
some things were left undone.

You like them hung on the mantle,
so, I put our stockings there.
Those northern firs you like best,
one stands beside your chair.

We'll decorate the tree together,
it will be something fun to do.
You know I'm not good at wrapping gifts
And need your help there, too.

The outside lights are all brand new
in a closet down the hall.
I need you here holding the ladder
to make sure I don’t fall.

There is a turkey in the freezer,
with all the extras, too.
Since, I don't know how to cook it,
it has to be done by you.

That special wine we like to sip,
is in our cellar rack.
We will open it to celebrate
the first day you are back.

The phone is always by my side,
to make sure I get your call.
Please, feel free to ring me up
for anything else, at all.

Please ignore my family and friends,
even though they do mean well.
I won't let them ruin our day,
everything will be just swell.

The only gift I need from you
is Christmas to be fun.
You are the only one that can do
these things I left undone.


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