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I want you to eat it!

Eat it ..,she said
I resisted…
I didn’t like the smell.
It didn’t look appealing.
Eat it …she said,
This time with more force.
I looked again…
The smell made me want to wretch.
Do I have to I asked?
How else will you become a man?
I thought I heard a low chuckle in her voice…
She was older than me, wiser…
I looked at it, so unappealing.
It was slippery looking,
Shining in the light.
I caught another whiff,
It wasn’t appealing!
I hesitated…
I didn’t know where to start.
I couldn’t imagine eating it,
No matter how much she said I would enjoy it.
Eat it, she said again!
Without warning her hand was against my neck.
My surprised mouth pulled forward,
My mouth was upon it in all its glory.
I sputtered and turned away.
She laughed in disgust.
And that is how….
My mother taught me
To hate broccoli

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