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Moonlight Kisses

Moonlight kisses,
so sweet and tender,
surrender to flames
Of ardent love,

passionate kisses
waltz in sync
to a vintage violin
musical affair
that plays across
my lonely aching heart,

Barefooted in the night,
the delicate of my feet
dance upon rural
country air rising up
from the worn-out
floor boards laid
on the front porch,
as I feel your kiss
upon my merlot lips,

and I mesmerized
by an enchanted
mosaic of
white chardonnay,
cabernet sauvignon,
and a blushing rose,
swept by Autumn's
frosty breath.

The depth of autumn
leaves fall steadily
deep inside my soul
where minuture
bonfires burn;
With every breath
and with each kiss,

Swimming in pools
of darkness, ghosts
haunt me from my past,
as time goes by,
I realize it is then
where I find
ebon shadows
evaporate each time
a glimmer of hope
blooms upon
my lips with your
moonlight kisses
so sweet and fair,

I love the taste of Autumn. ...

By Caprichos

Monday, October 26, 2015

'Music plays across my lonely aching heart'

Thank you for visiting my poetry page. Love, Caprichos

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