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 She's Trying............ For self love. Dark Poetry 6/28/2013
 Waves Life 4/5/2009
 Summer Time Haiku 6/25/2008
 Tears Life 6/25/2008
 Reflections Of Love (Story) Short Stories 1/11/2008
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 Rabbit (Shape Poem) Childrens Poetry 1/4/2008
 Hershey's Kisses (Shape Poem) Nonce 1/4/2008
 Frozen Senryu 10/7/2007
 Fruits Spiritual Poems 11/20/2006
 Suicide Life 7/28/2006
 Drops of Blood (Lyrics) Dark Poetry 7/7/2006
 In Each Tomorrow (Lyrics) Song Lyrics 6/23/2006
 If One Cut (Lyrics) Song Lyrics 6/23/2006
 Silly Rhymes Silly Poems 6/1/2006
 Hidden (Rictameter Picture Poem) Life 6/1/2006
 Priceless Gifts (Tanka) Tanka 6/1/2006
 Innocent Lamb (Pixiku or a Senryu) Senryu 1/3/2006
 Peace Of God (Senryu) Senryu 12/29/2005
 Loved (Senryu) Senryu 12/29/2005
 My Memory (Quainzaine) Life 10/22/2005
 Days of Autumn (Quainzine) Nature 10/22/2005
 Autumn Blessings (Terza Rima Sonnet) Sonnet 9/25/2005
 Peace (Cinquain) Cinquain 9/13/2005
 Portrait of Autumn (Rictameter) Nature 9/13/2005
 Flavors of Tears (Rictameter) Life 9/7/2005
 Among the Butterflies (For Lydia) Sonnet 9/2/2005
 Blessings of Love (Terza Rima Sonnet) Sonnet 8/30/2005
 In Memory Of Nancy C Thompson Rictameter Grieving and Loss 8/19/2005
 Love (Tyburn) Love 8/6/2005
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She's Trying............ For self love.

Worries creep into thoughts causing her anxiety
she hopes it won't be another day to see failure.
Perfection must be for her to love herself today
she must make the bad feelings go for such peace.
Nobody understands she only wants to be happy
underneath the aged woman was once a little girl.
Little girls grow up fast and her addiction was her
way of self love and she will always fight to win.

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