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 Master Misc 11/11/2019
 Prayer of Conviction Misc 11/8/2019
 Jesus Misc 11/2/2019
 Garden of Tomorrow II Misc 11/2/2019
 Garden of Tomorrow Misc 11/2/2019
 Jesus Misc 10/27/2019
 Know the difference Misc 10/26/2019
 The Salvation Army Insight 10/25/2019
 Pretenders Insight 10/18/2019
 Writing for Jesus Inspirational Poems 10/17/2019
 Belong Misc 10/12/2019
 Success Misc 10/12/2019
 Armageddon Misc 10/11/2019
 Master Inspirational Poems 10/11/2019
 Jesus Inspirational Poems 10/6/2019
 Fear of Flying Short Stories 10/5/2019
 My Bio: Who is Chris Breva? Introduce Yourself 10/5/2019
 Marshall University Misc 10/5/2019
 My Savior Sonnet 10/4/2019
 Forgiveness Insight 10/4/2019
 Cosmos Nature 10/1/2019
 Growing Insight 10/1/2019
 Ocean Floor Nature 10/1/2019
 Brothers Misc 9/30/2019
 Proverbs 6 Spiritual Poems 9/30/2019
 Righteous Sonnet 9/29/2019
 Mountain State Misc 9/29/2019
 Growing Inspirational Poems 9/28/2019
 Susan Grieving and Loss 9/28/2019
 Celebration Confections Holiday Poems 9/26/2019
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Master, Lord, God, and King
Jesus is my everything
Love of my life, not some cheap fling
Jesus you sure are something.

Your presence in my life is real
Given you sin loses appeal
You are the best deal
Every day my heart you steal.

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