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 Helen Keller Inspirational Poems 3/7/2008
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  ThirtyNine Spiritual Poems 3/1/2008
  Mermaid Heart Challenge Poems 3/1/2008
  Little Tater Ewe Silly Poems 2/29/2008
  Seventy3 Short Stories 2/29/2008
  Disappointments Grieving and Loss 2/29/2008
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Helen Keller

Helen Keller



This is what eye remember about the MOVIE of course eye never knoe her. She was moving constantly moving at least the actress who was portraying her but to a boy it WAS her it seemed so heart wrenching a thing to just be blind there is a SCHOOL for THEM they do not function in the real world and there she was big as life the boy in my had that CRUSH upon her from the instant eye saw her it was strang puppy love. Winner of the 1960 Tony Award for Best Play, 'The Miracle Worker' tells the incredible story of Helen Keller, a young woman trapped in a world of silence and darkness. Deaf, blind, and mute, with no way to communicate, she fought anyone who tried to help her with an intense, furious desperation. Then Annie Sullivan came. A strong, determined, half-blind woman fueled by her troubled past, she began the daunting struggle to reach Helen and bring her into the world at last. She was so pretty in an odd sort of way swaying to the tune of musick only she could see and hear the idea that she tried to overcome her handicap and live was so nice to this little undergod. YThis semi-sequel to William Gibson's The Miracle Worker recounts the early adult years of the profoundly handicapped but brilliant Helen Keller. Helen, played by Mare Winningham, enters college, with her friend and mentor Annie Sullivan Macy (Blythe Danner) by her side. As Helen's international fame grows, she must withstand the pressures of those who'd treat her as a freak rather than a human being as well as Annie's near-strident demands that she excel at everything. The multi-faceted Ms. Keller lived too much of a life to be squeezed into a mere two-hour running time; the script betrays the strain of trying to show us more than it's able by wrapping up everything in a hurried, unsatisfying conclusion. Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues was initially telecast as part of the syndicated Operation Prime Time package in 1984. ~ Hal Erickson As Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke could not have been better. The battle of wills and wits between the two is engrossing, becoming quite involved and very interesting. The lengthy dining room struggle alone would make any movie worth watching - it is worthwhile even beyond the interesting action itself, as it brings out aspects of human nature and human learning that go beyond even Helen's own trials.

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