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  SUN THROUGH RAIN Life 1/28/2006
  UNTARNISHED MEMORY Insight 1/24/2006
  EMBERS OF LOVE Love 1/21/2006
  Calm on the Coast Nature 1/8/2006
  BE POSITIVE! Spiritual Poems 1/8/2006
 Sun on the Hills Inspirational Poems 1/7/2006
 Dare to Dream Misc 1/2/2006
  Old Man Winter Nature 1/1/2006
 Sixth Sense Love 12/29/2005

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Sun shines through the rain;
Joy comes in spite of pain...
Rays of light pierce through the raindrops.
All our smiles are not in vain.

Nature dances in the sunlight;
Sparkles appear upon the waves
Causing ripples there to cleanse us
With the grace with which Jesus saves.

Raise your hands and bless God's Heaven --
It's your sacred holy home.
Arise upon a double rainbow,
Then from there you'll never roam.

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