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 IN THE WORD WE LIVE Life 1/21/2011
 Simply Words Inspirational Poems 1/20/2011
 Poisonous Honey Grieving and Loss 1/19/2011
 Postponed Feeling I Love You 1/19/2011
  A HUMAN MISTAKE Insight 1/17/2011
 The Call Of The Mountain Spiritual Poems 1/17/2011
 MELODIES OF HOPE I Love You 1/16/2011
 IN MY HEART IT SNOWS Grieving and Loss 1/15/2011
  Painted smile Grieving and Loss 1/15/2011
 virtual love Love 1/13/2011
 QUARANTINE Misc 1/12/2011
 MIRRORS ? no, errors Insight 1/11/2011
 i wish i did Grieving and Loss 1/10/2011
 your spirit in the wind I Love You 1/8/2011
 SHIFTING MOODS Inspirational Poems 1/7/2011
 face to the sun Insight 1/6/2011
 A BEUTIFUL MIND Inspirational Poems 1/5/2011
 sometime in place I Love You 1/3/2011
 Fountain of dreams Inspirational Poems 12/29/2010
 COLD WORDS Misc 12/23/2010
 Substance Over Form Insight 12/19/2010
 It's snowing..! Misc 12/16/2010
 WARMTH OF THE PAST Life 12/14/2010
 WHAT DO YOU SPEAK,? Inspirational Poems 12/14/2010
 TIME PASSED BY Childrens Poetry 12/8/2010
 HOLY-WAYS ? Insight 12/3/2010
 IN WORDS WE TRUST Insight 12/1/2010
 THE BARE TRUTH Insight 11/30/2010
  THE WAR OF THE WORDS Insight 11/30/2010
 I GIVE YOU MY WORD Misc 11/28/2010
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We are the poets
And we are the ones
Who make a better word
So, let's start rhyming

We are friends
At starlite home
We are family
In the word's dome

Give a word from you
Take a word from me
Let's join our words
And write a good poetry

We are simple men
Pure as the air can be
On the tip of the pen
Our words flow carefree

Deep within the soul
That shares devine bliss
Friendship is the world
One should never miss

Take a word from me
Give a word from you
Our words are the world
Save the word from the foe

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