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 I Want You - (only you!) I Love You 9/17/2019
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 I LOVE You, I LOVE You, I LOVE You I Love You 9/13/2019
 I Love You And You Love Me I Love You 9/13/2019
 Thinking Of You - (with my heart) I Love You 9/11/2019
 I Love YOU, I Love YOU, I Love YOU I Love You 9/11/2019
 I Only Want To Be With You!  I Love You 9/8/2019
 Our Sweet Love Thoughts Sweep I Love You 9/7/2019
 I Love You - (my heart is yours!) I Love You 9/7/2019
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 What Your Love Means To Me I Love You 8/31/2019
 One Wink And I'll Change The World  I Love You 8/31/2019
 Let's Make Love Tonight!  I Love You 8/31/2019
 My Love For You I Love You 8/29/2019
 Why I Love You - (and want you!) I Love You 8/29/2019
 All I Want Is To Be With You! I Love You 8/29/2019
 Remarkable I Love You 8/29/2019
 I Only Want To Be With You I Love You 8/27/2019
 Can't Help Myself - (I'm in love)  I Love You 8/25/2019
 I Love You - (no need to blush)  I Love You 8/23/2019
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I Want You - (only you!)


The poem our pleasant tune, old worlds brightened
Where beneath the tree river murmurs mused
All words who hang their heads through love frightened
Thrive in this small vale no longer abused -
A place where happy poets aren't spirit poor
Whose smiles with love as wide as life is wide
Day by day without stain or taint nor chore
Like bud, leaf, blade and flower close by our side
For we have spirits of the wild things there
Not lowly weak as some might think the case
But speak with purpose, we're creature aware -
We live, as words shape kisses that love chase.
We speak withered flowers out of existance;
Our words, of the vale not the world, do dance.


My Heart's mistress might well mainly mind dwell
Where smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Mean friendship rather than things hearts wish tell
Yet if fooled then foolishness grow and grow! -
Fool's gold I claim far out weighs gold's gleaming -
Never has such gold been so sought after
And to be the one her value counting
I show my foolishness quells poets' laughter
For my wise words borrow from her beauty
And smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Given with love make the poet masterly -
No other lady could make words gleam so.
Heart's mistress certainly in the mind dwells
But body becomes poetry nothing quells!


The Poet went to the top of the mountain
With fear filled words of 'I love you' to yell.
'I love you' he yelled, 'I love you' back came.
One day there came with the echo as well
'I love you too' and the poet saw a cloud
Dancing and twirling beckoning to him.
He guessed it was his true love and he bowed -
Asked for a true sign more or less a whim
That 'twas indeed she who little girl danced.
She made the moon golden, Venus closer
So the Poet rejoiced and crossed the vale tranced -
Threw words like kisses as he ran to her.
She took him to the mountain top hand held -
He yelled 'I love you!' her 'too!' made his world.


Dear Beauty, who showed you both my weak breaths?
One that falters when talent tells with flair
As cleverness fancied steals wish for deaths,
To live loving both mind and body's air;
And the other one that stutters at sights
All men can't but take two looks at praising
Where wish to breathe you, made my words climb heights
Yet my words weakly tell of breasts breathing.
Dear Beauty, you knew me of old, pre bold?
What service to you did you wish though faults?
Once drinking at your fountain, warmed words cold
Deepened my breath, sent trembling to the vaults.
Oh dear Beauty you have becalmed my heart
Though the more you show me the more winds start.


Could two be one like we are one though two
And still be close though far on different shores?
Could man be happy as I am in you
And not prize your love more than peace no war? -
Or more gold than's ever been bought or sold?
Is his love such that rivers can't put out
Or worth more than the treasury can hold?
Are there no strings attached - one's free, no doubt?
Your love is such I could never repay
But you are rewarded here on earth dear
And made ready too for heaven some day.
We have every reason to persevere.
Forever unhappiness wouldn't be fun
But much fun well joined with sweet you as one!


Was writing so winds would blow words to you
And the moon looked down through a halo cloud
And I said 'Why have you an image new?'
'Oh I've a loud message for lovers proud,
This effect's to catch their eyes this cold night -
The night might be cold and maybe 'twill rain
But your love in summer thinks love thoughts bright;
Tomorrow's sun will warm and your love's not in vain.'
Am writing so winds will blow words to you
Bright haloed angel who gladdens the heart;
May the full moon fill your eyes with gold anew
To invest for my eyes while we're apart.
Full moon and dear winds will link our tomorrows
Till together sweet love removes all our sorrows.


Take the first loved contact tingling with thoughts,
The second time followed; wonder dear why?
Like your pruned tree grows back again of sorts?
Most naked plants renew flowers, fruits with sigh.
Could it be that Love's Spirit plants the seed?
Time passes, the seed grows yet our hearts choose
To foster beauty's growth - let die the weed.
Though time does go by turns; the earth turn soothes,
From one to another seasons turn,
The plant turns into a plant with flower -
Step one to step two in our love's concern
Has reason, has meaning, has love's great power!
Take the first loved contact tingling sweetly,
The second time followed - celebrate with me?


When I have seen little girl in woman,
The delightful kitten, the play that's sweet,
When great strength I see being built's the plan
And needing love to give love so complete
When I have seen her dance a dance for me,
Her feet as pretty as they've ever been
And her hair, still fitting a princess, free;
When I have seen such beauty's youthful beam
Or felt the vigor, felt the surge of fun
Man in me manifests the wonder there,
In awe, but failed to say one word, not one.
'Sweet Princess' was in order, not just stare -
Not too late to be the little girl's fan
And may she know I wish to kiss her hand.


As poet of your choice I take great delight
To invite you tonight back to your youth
So with wordspells we walk by candlelight
Down river talking talk of fun and truth.
We have an hour every night forever
Where running and time behind the bush shine.
Pick the age you want and I'll deliver
Though I confess now is the choice that's mine
For I have wisdom that I am choosing
When you're sweetest, when your heart beats dearest.
As poet of your choice we can with words wing
Anywhere, anytime, anyhow with zest.
I invite you tonight back to your youth
Though now my love's strongest is the plain truth.


Singing my days, singing our love flowers still,
Our tune not tuned to beauty with weak strength
For we have found poetry's sweet passage thrill
Where lovers' tongues through pen publish at length.
Singing my days, my soul sails out of noise
Where troubled love lacked our smiles and laughter.
Oh poetry's sweet passage needed your poise
And delightful fun to follow after
Up the passage passing problems not seen
Where more than poetry calls - hard to believe;
Eyes will talk to eyes plain talk that we're keen,
Lips will whisper plainly, neither will leave.
Oh sweet poetry passage you're part answer
But the Poet plans more as a plain lover.


If wise we're friends not lovers for long depth
Best day not night I'm in your company
For friendly looks by candlelight means theft
Of my strength to check thoughts that do tease me.
When we talk we must not laugh, praps just smile
For my eyes - I should close them - are enthralled;
My ears - I should block them - catch sounds awhile
Some high, some low embracing uncontrolled.
If wise we're friends not lovers for long gain
I must never watch you walk from behind
For I can't trust my eyes to behave - abstain
From delights they pass on to body's mind.
Some can, I can't just be your friend it seems -
Yes! it's too late, everyday my mind beams.


Sweet Princess, selfish am I wanting you? -
For your beauty's poetry makes poets humble
Unless they've seen what I've seen and not seen, too.
I'm selfish wanting more so my brain's full
Of love, of smiles, of curves of breasts, of fun? -
To use words borrowed from your walk, your dreams,
Steal a phrase from your lips that pleasure one?
Closing my eyes my pen with ideas teems
But I want more! Tonight I want your voice;
Whispers in my ear of naked beauty,
Warmth to fire my brain - movement of my choice
So selfish me calls out words of sheer poesy!
Sweet Princess feel the beauty of my words
As my thieving pen skyward speeds past birds.

Walking along the beach at night she said
To her friend that she had a vision -
That she saw centuries back to a goddess
Who was dressed in flowing white and somehow
There was a bond and there was a gathering
With her friend playing the central role there.
Was she a story teller, poetess or
Visionary? She was certainly romantic.
Later that night while reading he saw
Peeping in his window on page 40
His White Goddess 'born in his mind, born
Out of wishing?' He thought not - real as real!
He bet he could convince the Poet that visions
Had existence outside the Poet's mind.

The Poet in 'Two Hearts Two Cities' does not know all the answers to philosopy nor all about Nature and Wizardry but he does know he is in love. Order through Zora Knight the illustrator whose art at times speaks more clearly than poetry - more times than the Poet wishes to admit.

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