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 Two worlds collide Misc 2/16/2019
 we the people Misc 2/4/2019
 Butterfly spirits Spiritual Poems 1/5/2019
 Broken man Dark Poetry 12/29/2018
 Have a happy Christmas Everybody Misc 12/11/2018
 Hands and hearts across the ages Misc 10/23/2018
 Lonely nights and lonely days Love 10/18/2018
 Shoestring of life Spiritual Poems 10/18/2018
 starry night  Misc 10/13/2018
 Flower so full of grace Misc 10/9/2018
 The bus-stop of life Misc 10/4/2018
 In the sunshine of your life Misc 8/20/2018
 New Eve Misc 5/27/2018
 Heaven's Great Hall Spiritual Poems 5/5/2018
 Feelings Misc 4/19/2018
 Modern love communication's Misc 4/2/2018
 Hour of need Dark Poetry 3/28/2018
 Forever mine Misc 3/25/2018
 Springs into life Nature 3/24/2018
 Eternity of Aroma Misc 3/23/2018
 Yesterday's Memories Misc 3/22/2018
 Moon's Smile Misc 3/20/2018
 Not a mirage in the sunset Misc 3/19/2018
 Love Leaps Love 3/19/2018
 Footsteps Misc 3/12/2018
 Rainbow's end Spiritual Poems 2/24/2018
 ARK Misc 2/8/2018
 Life's trials Misc 2/6/2018
 compared to a summer's day Love 12/14/2017
 The mass of christ Misc 12/14/2017
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Two worlds collide

Special, sentuess, sumptuess, scrumptuess

Feeling so yummy in my tummy

Butterflies floating flirtatiously deep within

Contentment sits close with every passing moment

Hearts and tummy's entwined, you are

Pearched at the top of my mind

Where two worlds collide.

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