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 Feelings Misc 4/19/2018
 Modern love communication's Misc 4/2/2018
 Hour of need Dark Poetry 3/28/2018
 Forever mine Misc 3/25/2018
 Springs into life Nature 3/24/2018
 Eternity of Aroma Misc 3/23/2018
 Yesterday's Memories Misc 3/22/2018
 Moon's Smile Misc 3/20/2018
 Not a mirage in the sunset Misc 3/19/2018
 Love Leaps Love 3/19/2018
 Footsteps Misc 3/12/2018
 Rainbow's end Spiritual Poems 2/24/2018
 ARK Misc 2/8/2018
 Life's trials Misc 2/6/2018
 compared to a summer's day Love 12/14/2017
 The mass of christ Misc 12/14/2017
 Out Of The Blue Misc 12/7/2017
 Emotion of Love Misc 12/5/2017
 Hope's light Misc 12/3/2017
 Shared love Misc 11/28/2017
 Love Flourishes In My Heart Love 11/19/2017
 Quiet hush Misc 11/18/2017
 Writer's Mind Misc 11/18/2017
 Real Love Of My Life Misc 11/17/2017
 New story Misc 11/12/2017
 Church Spiritual Poems 11/10/2017
 Worldly Love Misc 11/9/2017
 Chiffon Silhouette Love 11/7/2017
 Earth's Gifts Misc 11/6/2017
 No matter how he fights Love 11/5/2017
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When I'm feeling rather gruff

and feelings are not enough

The sensitivity of brevity

Leaves me feeling rather stuffed.

Then I have a little thought

An inkling Followed by a tingling.

Then my heart and spirit start mingling.

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