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 Monologue Misc 5/19/2017
 Never give in Misc 4/30/2017
 Simple gift Misc 4/26/2017
 Your Name Spiritual Poems 4/21/2017
 Love's Bouquet Love 4/19/2017
 Eternal heart's rhythm Misc 4/16/2017
 Goblet of life Life 4/14/2017
 Janet Love 3/27/2017
 Life's Cradle Misc 3/26/2017
 Mrs Mountain Misc 3/25/2017
 Join Life's merry throng Life 3/24/2017
 Glory Life 3/24/2017
 Struggle Misc 3/23/2017
 Love springs eternal Misc 3/19/2017
 Touching Darkness  Dark Poetry 3/17/2017
 Seasons part 1 Spring Nature 3/16/2017
 I hock my heart Love 3/15/2017
 Love's Playground Love 3/14/2017
 Sunbeam's heartbeat Love 3/12/2017
 What's in a dark poem Dark Poetry 3/10/2017
 The art of word painting Misc 3/7/2017
 Your id left behind. Misc 3/6/2017
 My history's echo Love 3/3/2017
 ancestors memorabilia Misc 2/28/2017
 Love and understanding Misc 2/27/2017
 A Rainbow Misc 2/22/2017
 Soliloquies Misc 2/21/2017
 Life's Essence Spiritual Poems 2/19/2017
 Bittersweet Valentine Love 2/13/2017
 Angry sky Dark Poetry 2/11/2017
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The words that drip from your lips

The very essence of self, itself expressed

History's partaken, words not forsaken

The colour of crispy bacon, no not just

a pig, but Quorn if you are a veggie

and taken.

My paper I hope comes from a recycling

plant. So there is more oxygen and

we won't have to pant.

To plant more plants, flowers and trees,

I hope won't make too many sneeze.

To love the planet is to love ourselves

For in our hearts and minds we delve.

The greatness or send us strait to hell

Life is a shared experience

Please !! don't put it on the shelf !!

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