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 mini rainbows Misc 11/8/2019
 The next step. Misc 11/7/2019
 Aureoles. Misc 10/28/2019
 for comfort Misc 10/17/2019
 Sky china blue. Misc 10/5/2019
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 Niagara  Misc 3/17/2019
  September's flower and song. Misc 2/20/2019
 Her Mother's Violin Music Friends 1/9/2019
 The Cardinal Life 9/12/2018
 Diamond Water Dawn  Friends 9/10/2018
 The Wild Tamarind.~~ Misc 9/2/2018
 Seasons in the Mountains Life 8/17/2018
  HOBO LAMENT Mature Audience 7/21/2018
 For Cherry Dedications 6/25/2018
 Granny's Violets!~~ Dedications 6/25/2018
 Ruby Dedications 5/10/2018
 Morning's Song Misc 5/10/2018
 Prisms  Life 5/10/2018
 Country poets. Life 5/4/2018
 Crescendo  Life 5/4/2018
 Gifts. Life 4/9/2018
 Granny. Life 4/9/2018

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mini rainbows

mini rainbow fingers tip dew drops on the web
come clapping waves, ladled on gulf shore ebb
send beam's flickering colours on tidal strands
like far reaching, peeping outstretching hands

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