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The first winter snow,
A graceful white cape,
You take the shape
Of a tree by my house,
Or some ice on a lake.
So I put on a coat,
And explore your beauty.

But alas, I begin,
And the snow caves in,
Forever my footprint
On your face.
A permanent scar,
On this beautiful place.

Snow and ice
Turn flowers to weeds,
And bury the seeds
Of a summer.
Why does the sunlight not
Care for those
Who care for it?

But who gives the sun
A restful day?
Nobody puts it to sleep
At night.
The sun never sets.

Why does this
Foolish child
Ever bother to chase
The innocent night?
Why do you bother
To melt the snow at all?

Some of us prefer the dark
To unending sunlight.

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