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In the still quiet of the morning
Before all the world slowly stirs,
I sit in rapt reflection
To hear my Saviours Words.

To shut out all distractions
My mind clear and still
Waiting to hear from my God and King
To speak to me His will

Many times past I’ve sat and prayed
And I know he hears them all,
I’ve cried to Him in deep sorrow
To speak and show me the way.

Yet though I never heard His voice,
Always to my rescue He came
Folding His Loving arms round me
Holding me fast in His Grace.

Yet now Lord Jesus my fervent prayer
Is that at last I hear your voice
Speaking into my spirit
With a surety dispelling all doubt.

So I will sit here in the stillness
Waiting with quiet heart
To hear the voice of my Shepherd
And with confidence know it is Yours.

(I was inspired to write this by Psalm 46: 10
‘Be still and know that I am God,
I shall be exalted among the nations,
I shall be exalted in the Earth’

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