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 From House to Home Misc 8/18/2017
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 Silenced? Spiritual Poems 6/14/2014
 Oasis Within a City Misc 6/11/2014
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From House to Home

Iím sitting in my living room
Alone and so fed up
Iíve finished up my coffee
Now Iím staring at the cup

The sun is shining brightly
Outside looks nice and warm
But Iím sat here all by myself
In fact this is the norm

How can I break this cycle
Get out from this lonely fog
Maybe I could get a pet
A rabbit, cat or dog

It would be really lovely
To have a furry friend around
So with a smile upon my face
I hurry to the local pound

I wander round the kennels
Seeing dogs both large and small
When suddenly I see him
Sitting quietly with a ball

In no time we are walking out
With harness, ball and bone
Making our way together
Back to make a house our home

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