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 Rumbling Sadness Dark Poetry 11/17/2013
 What did you see today? Life 12/2/2010
 To(o) (w)ri(gh)t(e) again Misc 10/27/2009
 Thursday Life 1/23/2009
 If I had to I'd have you Love 10/8/2007
 Only Time Life 1/31/2007
 Through the Southern Pass (reposted) Love 9/28/2006
 On the Road Dark Poetry 6/6/2005
 11:59 (revised) Misc 7/17/2004
 74 seconds to the face of God Dark Poetry 7/11/2004
 September (re-posted) Dark Poetry 7/3/2004
 Remedies for salvation Life 6/26/2004

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Rumbling Sadness

Train in the distance assuredly coming
As the thickening night slowly burns on
Light turns down
Silence this town
Ship's aground

I say to you now I hear the rumbling
Fumbling thoughts
Tumbling rots
Frame of mind

Time for the pain
To swell
The well
To overflow
The shell
Of fragile
Pale, white strength
molts and falls
As the moments slow
It's more than I knew
I held on to
The hole is deep
The whole is deep
And in the distance I hear that sound

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