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 PAIN The Pain of Love 8/16/2000
 Sleepy Children Haiku 5/22/2000
 Winding River Haiku 5/21/2000
 Expectation Haiku 5/21/2000
 Wicked Minds Haiku 5/21/2000
 Soft Blanket Haiku 5/21/2000
 A lonely alien's voyage Haiku 5/20/2000
 Unclouded Blue Eyes Haiku 5/20/2000
 Golden curls Haiku 5/20/2000
 Sunflowers Haiku 5/20/2000
 17th moon Haiku 5/18/2000
 Lighthouse Haiku 5/18/2000
 Tree of life Haiku 5/18/2000
 Ocean Haiku 5/18/2000
 Not Just One Person Misc 5/17/2000
 Why? Love Gone Bad 5/17/2000
 Heaven's grace Haiku 5/14/2000
 In the month... The Pain of Love 5/14/2000
 Colors of Fall Haiku 5/12/2000
 Rainbow Haiku 5/12/2000
 after parting Haiku 5/12/2000
 FLOWERS Nature 5/12/2000

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