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 Democracy Misc 5/23/2019
 Joy of spirit Misc 5/16/2019
 Spring soul Misc 5/14/2019
 How the love flows... Misc 5/11/2019
 Heart's temerity... Misc 5/10/2019
 Gift Misc 5/9/2019
 Love Misc 5/4/2019
 Where soul is alive Misc 5/4/2019
 Change upon a change Insight 4/27/2019
 Be still Spiritual Poems 10/12/2018
 Many a footprints... Misc 8/19/2018
 Tenor of the soul Misc 7/29/2018
 As I run into myself Misc 7/29/2018
 And then there is rain... Misc 7/29/2018
 Rain must fall Misc 7/26/2018
 Send me a new breeze Misc 7/20/2018
 A lot is at stake Misc 7/19/2018
 Raising a toast Misc 7/12/2018
 On the bridge Misc 7/12/2018
 Journey of life Misc 4/14/2018
 Extraordinary.. Misc 1/29/2018
 White countenance confession... Misc 1/29/2018
 Glittering winter Misc 1/26/2018
 Smoke in my eyes.. Misc 1/26/2018
 Hidden moment... Misc 9/16/2017
 If you haven't felt Misc 9/9/2017
 A woman, in love with herself. Misc 9/9/2017
 The nightjar Misc 9/3/2017
 Sometimes, you must cry.. Misc 9/3/2017
 And so I throw myself at life Misc 9/3/2017
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Lies, deception and the post truths sell
I have learnt to argue well
Hatred too, can cast a spell..
Infinite darkness and I can not tell
Prophecy of light I can only sing
In this democracy I am the King..

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