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Love so Pure

Wake to the morning light,

Knowing that with each new day.

His love surrounds you in the night,

You're not quite sure what to say.

You do not know how to tell him,

What you feel deep inside.

Wishing he knew how much you love him.

Letting the Lord be your guide.

So you keep your distance, until the time is right.

Wishing you did not have to hide...

Wondering, does he wish to hold you tight.

Wanting so much to be at his side.

Hoping and praying, is he the one for you?

Thoughts of him, racing through your mind.

Asking God to see you through,

A truer love, will you ever find?

The goofy moments that you share,

Feeling like you should take a chance.

Making fun wihtout a care.

Not knowing, would there be romance?

God is all knowing, he wrote your life.

Is it his will, to let this be pure love?

Even through the pain and strife.

He gives love as pure as a dove.

Just one tender glance is all you ask for,

A sparkle in his eye, a smile upon his face.

Not knowing what's in store.

You try to keep a even pace...

Hoping someday his love will show

That he will send you a sign.

If love has a chance to grow,

Lasting forever and not being blind.

To a pure love, that could be his alone.

Happy with what's yours for now.

Is it true love that has grown?

Hoping God will show you some how!

Letting you see the passion locked deep inside.

Keeping the romance inside your heart.

Hoping someday, passion will rise in stride.

Hoping if it does you never part.

God, please let me wake to the light.

Knowing that with each new day...

His love surrounds me in the night.

I'm not quite sure what to say.

I do not know how to tell him,

What I feel deep inside.

Wishing he knew how much I love him.

Letting the Lord be my guide.

Hidden in a love so pure,

Lord please let this be for sure.

Diane M. Lamphere

January 21, 2011

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