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 Change Misc 3/23/2019
 I Am Misc 3/15/2019
 Flowers of Knowledge Misc 3/11/2019
 Only Thoughts Misc 2/14/2019
 Inescapable Heartbreak Insight 2/9/2019
 Life's Lessons Inspirational Poems 1/29/2019
 Remember  Inspirational Poems 1/26/2019
 The Positive Side of You Inspirational Poems 1/25/2019
 Reflection in Reverse Misc 12/29/2018
  Seas of Life Inspirational Poems 12/28/2018
 Write With Heart Inspirational Poems 12/23/2018
 Thoughts on Life Insight 12/20/2018
 Seasons of Life Insight 12/18/2018
 Drops of Rain Insight 12/16/2018
 The Need To Love Life 12/8/2018
 Ageless Insight 11/29/2018
 Untouchable Insight 10/29/2018
 Reflection Insight 10/25/2018
  Only Faith and God Insight 10/23/2018
 Faith and Determination Insight 10/21/2018
 Selfish Love Insight 10/11/2018
 I Am and I Am Not Misc 10/9/2018
 Mirror Misc 10/9/2018
 The Things Resting in the Heart Insight 10/3/2018
 A Little Girl's Dream Inspirational Poems 10/2/2018
 Letting Go Inspirational Poems 10/1/2018
 Not Buried in the Grave Inspirational Poems 9/30/2018
 Come What May Inspirational Poems 9/30/2018
 Endure Inspirational Poems 9/29/2018
 Wandering Soul Insight 9/28/2018
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Linger not in yesterdays.
Let not what is no more
steal your happiness away.
Waste not one moment
waiting for the past to
return what was lost to you...
For nothing in this world
stays the same...
Life is a journey
Life's roads change.
-Jan Tetstone

12:27am March 23, 2019

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