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 Time Dark Poetry 9/8/2019
 Feed Dark Poetry 8/24/2018
 Panthera Minima Dedications 2/14/2018
 shadows Misc 2/7/2017
 catharsis Misc 1/4/2016
 contrive Dark Poetry 7/11/2014
 eclipse Dark Poetry 5/5/2014
 Black Dark Poetry 10/20/2013
 Return Dedications 10/12/2013
 all Dark Poetry 9/25/2013
 Remembrance Sept 11 2001 Misc 9/11/2013
 Night Dark Poetry 4/14/2013
 Santuary Dedications 12/5/2012
 faces Dedications 11/5/2012
 'Eli Eli lama azavtani?' Spiritual Poems 11/24/2010
 Bleed Song Lyrics 7/14/2010
 Chance Love 4/4/2010
 Discover Love 2/7/2010
 Lost Season Misc 9/23/2009
 Captured Grieving and Loss 7/6/2009
 Thoughts Dark Poetry 6/13/2009
 Nothing-ness Dark Poetry 4/7/2009
 Forgotten Dark Poetry 3/29/2009
 Silent Dark Poetry 2/23/2009
 Song of the Soul Spiritual Poems 1/28/2009
 The Ocean's Sun Misc 1/10/2009
 Always Dedications 1/3/2009
 Core Inspirational Poems 12/30/2008
 Travesty Dark Poetry 12/26/2008
 Sea Of Tears Dark Poetry 12/5/2008
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The second your born
The countdown begins
From life you're torn
As your time ends

Born just to die
Counting each day
How when or why
Nobody can say

A sadistic numbered existence
Some choose their own fate
Others reason their persistence
And will settle to wait

No matter the difference
Death shall purvey
This numbered existence
As time ticks away

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