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 Christmas Haiku 12/8/2018
 Day by Day Love 11/25/2017
 stay Haiku 10/27/2017
 Thoughts Haiku 9/29/2017
 Fun Haiku 5/13/2017
 Hope Haiku 4/13/2017
 Thank You Inspirational Poems 4/18/2016
 Regret Love Gone Bad 9/24/2015
 today Misc 6/7/2015
 dreams Love 4/10/2015
 Everytime Love 1/31/2015
 Broken Hearted Love Gone Bad 1/21/2014
 Finding Me Insight 10/16/2013
 infatuation Love Triangle 8/27/2013
 love letter Love 7/16/2013

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Christmas time is here

Snowflakes fall upon my face

I wish you all love

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